King's Products started off with the processing of Rooibos tea only. Since 1996 the company mainly concentrated on the export of a superior quality product at a competitive price. In 2004 King's Products also ventured into the packaging of Rooibos tea. With the experience gained in the international markets, King's Products are now expanding its marketing strategy to South Africa.

King's Products are proud to introduce a new range of packaged Rooibos tea. The packaged product contains only the finest Super grade Export Quality Rooibos tea.

The range includes Super grade Natural, Super grade Unfermented, Orange Flavored, Peach Flavored, Vanilla Flavored, Lemon Flavored and Cranberry Flavored Rooibos teas. Market evaluation will lead the way for a bigger variety to follow.


The company's first priority is to always focus on the needs of the customer. King's Products are currently complying with international accredited food safety standards and some of the staff have successfully completed HACCP food safety courses. Organic certification is done annually by Lacon (Gmbt).

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