Who we are

King's Products is a family owned company which specializes in the processing, packaging and distribution of Rooibos tea. The Van der Westhuizen family operates in a unique manner which adds a personal touch to every product that leaves their production line. The management team is involved and familiar with every aspect of the process and this ensures excellent quality control. They also make sure that the client's needs are fulfilled to the best of their ability.

King's Products is a small company with the main objective to deliver a superior quality product and service. One of the company's advantages is that they do not employ a large management team. This leaves opportunity for direct communication between the client and the production team and allows the client to easily check on the progress of their order.

King's Products make use of local workers in an attempt to combat unemployment and poverty in its immediate surroundings. The company creates seven more jobs for every additional 450kg of Rooibos tea processed per day. King's Products is committed to better the lives of the people it employs.